Tuesday, July 7, 2009


A big part of producing anything is getting the right people on board. They gotta LOVE the project as much as you do and have their fair share of heft to bring to the table, skill wise.

I knew from the beginning that I'll need a higher up producer to godfather the project, keep me on my toes and help me put our financing together. With a big budget, several countries need to come together to invest in the project. I've got a meeting tomorrow with one of my ideal 'godfathers' and sounds like he might just love the project too. At least I got a meeting!

I also had an epiphany today realizing that in order to get this film made, I'll be better off finding the RIGHT director to collaborate with me. My cred as a director doesn't have the heft to leverage the bigger dollars. It's my first feature, after all. So, I've just approached one of my fave doc directors to get a discussion going. Stay tuned for that news, as it unfolds. He's an American, but I won't hold that against him!

The next aspect to this film is going to be an interactive gaming website.That's
a natural extension of the film, given the character of the little Bug, and the way it's being portrayed in the movie -- as a cartoon. (only segments of the film will be cartoon animated). I am working on a package to entice one of THE hot gaming companies in the world to get on board to help design a game. Doesn't hurt that they are headquartered a 20 minute walk from my apartment! Of course there's also the Bell New Media Fund proposal to work on. Bell, like other communications providers in this country have initiatives to fuel interactivity online. After all... we're all moving online anyways, right?

Fingers crossed on the new team as it continues to build. Don't worry. I'll keep you posted.

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