Thursday, July 23, 2009

Backseat Driver will take a ride in front seat!

Jerry Flint is a heavy hitter in the automotive journalism world. He's the senior Automotive Guy at Forbes magazine with his column: BackSeat Driver.

Like his bio says: "He has known just about everybody in the auto business. He likes to say that he was there when “Ed Cole created the Corvair; when John DeLorean created the GTO that Ronny and the Daytonas sang about; when Karl Hahn taught us to 'think small' about his beetle-shaped Volkswagen; when George Romney took his compact Rambler and slew the dinosaurs in the driveway; there when the Edsel died; when Lee Iacocca introduced his Mustang; there to drive Ralph Nader into Detroit from the airport when he came with his new book, Unsafe at Any Speed; and there again when Tom Gale and Bob Lutz did cab forward, and saved Chrysler again.”

And he'll be THERE for my movie!

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