Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Post

While this is month 5 in the development of my documentary: Bitten by the Bug, this is the beginning of my Behind the Scenes diary which will share the scoop on getting this film made.

It all started when I was housesitting my daughter and new husband's farm house while they were on their honeymoon in January. A friend dropped over with a couple of books on the Volkswagen Beetle he'd found in the garbage and figured they'd like. (we are all VW fans!) One book told the tale of the history of the Bug (fascinating stuff -- started with Hitler); while the other book called: Think Small illustrated the revolutionary ad campaign that launched the ugly little car to super stardom. I was hooked. Or I should say, bitten. Immediately started work to research whether a chronicle of this car's life and times had ever been done and much to my surprise, it hadn't.

Then came a title, and I began to work on what should be in the film, attracted a clever writer friend to work with me, design how the film would look and feel (it's going to have cartoon animation, among other things!) and made a plan to attract investors and broadcasters.

5 months later I've got a crew lined up; several intriguing today characters with their Bugs poised to be in the film - and follow on their missions - and a handful of cool experts who will be interviewed, including the compelling and insightful ad guru Terry O'Reilly.

This week's coup: VW GERMANY got back to me and are giving me access to their library of vintage archival film and stills. They'll also host me, the crew and one of my characters when we shoot at their amazing AUTOSTADT theme park in Wolfsburg, Germany, this fall, once I've got my production financing in place.

CURRENT PRESSING MISSION: Get my first broadcaster (Canadian, American, British or German) on board! That will put the Vroooom in the financing engine!!

Today I launched a fundraising campaign on where regular folks can participate in getting a film made.
So feel free to check it out and see how I am doing! And, spread the word.

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